A home for ambitious kids.

Primer is the world's first community built for curious and ambitious kids to find and explore their interests together.

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Kids using iPad and iPhone

Make friends with Rooms

Rooms are live, audio chat spaces for your kids to interact with other kids their age. Together they'll explore new ideas, solve problems, and make friends all around the world!

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Go deeper with Clubs

Kids join Clubs to work on projects together. Clubs will bring your kids deeper into writing, coding, inventing machines, music, nature and more!

Wherever you go, we’ll go too

Learning happens in the real world, not behind a screen. Our iOS app for iPad and iPhone ensures Primer can go wherever your kids’ adventures take them.

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Bring passion into learning

Primer isn't a replacement for core curricula. Primer is supplemental. It's where kids follow their curiosity and tap into a passion for learning.

A collection of art supplies


A collection of photography supplies: Cameras, film, photographs, photo book, a lens, stickers


A tabletop of food and cooking supplies: a bell pepper on a cutting board, a pan of food, and a donut on a plate


A trumpet, guitar, record, microphone, keyboard, and drumsticks


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Primer is $49/month for one kid, then $19/month for each additional kid.

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