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Primer is for families that love self-directed, hands-on learning.

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A girl in a space suit looking toward earth.

Clubs: Center everyday learning around passion

In Primer clubs, kids bring each other deeper into writing, coding games, inventing machines, music, cooking, and nature.

Library: Get planning out of the way

Use our Activity Library to find and save the best learning activities on the web, so you can focus more on the actual activities.

Journals: See your kids grow

With project journals, you can watch your kids grow their passions.

An image of Journals, Primer's tool for recording progress on Primer projects.

Wherever you go, we’ll go too

We have an iOS app for iPad and iPhone! You can find Primer in the App Store.

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Bring passion into learning

Primer also supports game makers, storytellers, inventors, and naturalists.

A collection of art supplies


A collection of photography supplies: Cameras, film, photographs, photo book, a lens, stickers


A tabletop of food and cooking supplies: a bell pepper on a cutting board, a pan of food, and a donut on a plate


A trumpet, guitar, record, microphone, keyboard, and drumsticks


Transform the way your family learns

Primer is $10/month for each kid.

Get your family up and running in less than 10 minutes.

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