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Introducing Primer Units

Today, we’re excited to announce that Primer Units, our Activity Library planning tool, is now live on Primer!

Abigail Africa

Today, we’re excited to announce that Primer Units, our Activity Library planning tool, is now live on Primer! 

Units are custom combinations of activities from our Activity Library. Whether you organize them by interest, subject, age range, or duration, you can build units to work with your family’s specific homeschooling style. 

Want to take a deep dive into Mars? You can use the Activity Library to surface the best art, science, and reading resources about Mars, the solar system, space exploration, the history of astronomy, and more from around the web. 

How to use Units

To get started, open the Activity Library and click the Units tab. Once you create and name a new Unit, you can add any activity to it. After it’s done saving your selection, the Activity Library will even suggest three related activities for you to consider.

We designed units as a tool for family teamwork. Kids and their parents can see and edit their units. You can plan together or use units to bridge kids’ interests with bigger learning goals. No matter what, you can use units to stay on the same page. 

Every Unit is a Community Unit

We also designed units to bring Primer families closer together. When you create a Unit, it joins units created by other Primer kids and families under the Community units tab. Any user can copy any unit to their account and customize it to their needs. If you find a Community unit that you like, open it up and press the Copy unit button beneath the description.

💡Tip: Adding grade level to your unit titles can help other families understand whether this unit will work for their family! 

What’s next?

Just refresh your browser window to plan your first Unit! For some extra help, you can request a personalized unit by answering a few quick questions about your kids’ interests and learning styles. A member of our education team will design custom units just for them! 

This is just one of Primer’s first efforts to help kids and parents work together to make homeschooling feel seamless and personal. We're excited to see what kind of units you create! Please feel free to send us your feedback and ideas at [email protected]

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