Creating ✨new✨ club illustrations
Hey there 👋 I'm Jess, an illustrator and designer at Primer! I recently created a few illustrations for some of our newly-launched clubs (Photography, Cooking, Music, and Artists), and want to share my art process with you all!
By Jess

To begin this project, I sketched out some rough drafts of each club illustration to explore different styles and to see what my team and I resonated most with. It's alright (I'd say it's even encouraged!) if your sketches don't look perfect at this stage. Sketches are just meant for translating your ideas onto paper so that you can develop them further as you progress.

We ultimately chose to represent each club through compositions of objects and tools that members are likely use in their projects!

For example, in the new artists club illustration, I drew upon my experience with traditional art equipment and included stuff that I've personally used in the past - sketchbooks, watercolors, paint tubes, even a little figure-drawing mannequin.

For clubs that I wasn't as familiar with, I did research on what objects I could include, and looked up references to help me draw them. It's okay if you need a little help from photo references - even professional artists are unable to draw everything from memory.

After I'm satisfied with my sketches, I begin rendering the illustration with color! I choose a tentative color palette and lay down base colors, creating a solid foundation for adding detail later on.

After blocking out all those shapes, I just go wild with adding depth and details! I let my intuition guide me during this part of the process, carving out the illustration bit by bit until I arrive at something that I'm happy with. A lot can change at this stage, so it's fun to look back on the original sketch and see how everything evolved.

If you'd like to see more, I've added process videos for all four illustrations down below! I created everything with Procreate on an iPad.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my process! If there's anything I've learned from creating illustrations, it's that imperfection is perfectly okay. It's easy to get discouraged when your drawing isn't materializing in the way you want, but as long as you're improving, you're already doing great in my book. Keep at it!

I'll also be creating new club illustrations for Naturalists, Inventors, Game-Makers, and Storytellers in the coming weeks, so stay on the lookout for those 👀